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Zip Security is a worldwide patented device for securing zips against malicious opening attempts

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Control it with your fingerprint or using your smarthphone

A worldwide patented device for securing zips


Open the zip with your finger print. You can save up to 20 fingerprints in each device.

Mobile App

Control Zip Security using the app (Android and IOS). You can open, close and receive security alerts from the app.

Track your suitcase

You will be able to track your suitcase all over the world with no additional costs (no 4G needed)

Full Zip Control

You will instantly know about malicious opening attempts all over the zip, not only at the beginning.

About Us

ZipSecurity has a unique worldwide patented device for opening any kind of zip. The device use the fingerprint of the owner to allow the zip to be opened. The device is controlled directed with the fingerprint of the owner or vía a mobile app (IOS and android) which connect with ZipSecurity via bluetooth and is able to detect attempts to open the zip (not only in the place of contact but all over the zip due to a magnetic system implemented in the zip). All the data generated by the user can be sent to the maker through the mobile app (email, number of products managed, when it is being used, location, ...). At this moment YKK is a key partner in the project because they are making all the zips for the device. The device is going to be applied to bags, briefcases, backpacks, bodybags, moneybags, ... Next version of the product (to be introduced in 2017) will give the possibility of using GPS+SigFox to know where the product is and control its opening mechanism via blockchain.

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Zip Security finalist in South Summit 2016

Posted By joaquin

Zip Security is one of the 100 finalist in South Summit 2016

From among the over 3000 candidates for the Competition, the organizing committee has chosen the 100 start-ups that will take part in the final phase of South Summit 2016 and Zip Security will


Zip Security in Alhambra Ventures

Posted By joaquin

Zip Security has been one of the 20 startup finalists in Alhambra Ventures which was held 6 and 7th July in Granada, Spain.
Here you can find a report of the company as was introduced in Alhambra Ventures.
Alhambra Ventures is the most important investor