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How it works

Zip Security How it works

How it works

Posted By joaquin

The device is very easy to use:

1. Record your fingerprint: This step will be only make once . After pressing the button on the inside, a blue light will turn on and you can record your fingerprint.

2. Opening / unlock zipper: The default zip is locked, if you try to pull the zip, it will not let you open it. To unlock put your finger on the reader and after a few seconds a green light indicating that the zipper is unlocked will appear .

3. Closing / locking zipper: Being unzipped , if we simply close the zip, it will be locked again until we put our finger on the reader.

4. Forcing lock: The zipper has a magnetic contact along its entire length . If the zip is forced in any part, it will appear automatically a red light , indicating that someone has tried to open it.

Opening and closing zippers